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Let me first start by saying I am 40, my friend is 30. We are both managers for a very large, very successful company in Rochester, NY. I also own my own business. I have been on 10 cruises including Disney and Carnival. This was my friends first cruise and first real vacation. I Bought my friend a 12 day cruise for his 30th birthday on Norwegian Pearl. We had the absolute WORST nightmarish experience that I could ever tell anyone about. Feel free to contact me anytime by text (585/228/0232) or email ( for further details. We made SO many friends on the ship who all stated they would supply depositions for us due to the inhumane treatment. We have dozens of pictures, recordings, witnesses, and video footage. My friend is black/Dominican and I am white. We are 110% sure this occurred as a result of his race. There isn't enough space to write it all here, but here is a summary of abuses that occurred :

*We were escorted to the security office on our 2nd night. We were questioned and interrogated like we were some sort of suspects! The main security official (Carlos Zayas) asked, and I quote, "Do you 2 have a problem with alcohol?" He advised us that our behavior was improper, but could not provide specifics. When we asked what we had done, he stated "I have the documentation and I don't have to show you". The previous night we, along with many others, were having fun and doing karaoke in the Bliss Nightclub. In the security office, We were FORCED to sign a paper saying that we understood our behavior was improper. Zayas stated that they "didn't have to tell us what we did, but that they had documentation" and if we didn't sign, we would be disembarked they said. I signed "under duress". (I also have pictures of this).

*Prior to boarding the ship, upon check in, you have to provide a credit card. The agent specifically told me that the credit card I give would be on file, but at the end of the cruise, I could pay with any other card, or by cash. I supplied my business credit card only to have a card on file and did not sign nor give permission or authorization to charge this card. 4 days into my cruise, I checked my Bank of America account online and discovered that the cruise line charged my card approximately $650.00 without my consent or permission. This caused my business account to be overdrawn and I was subsequently charged $35 for overdraft fees approximately 8 times! I brought this to the attention of guest services and they advised me nothing was charged and refused to help me in any way.

*During our stop in Roatan, Honduras, our room was entered by staff and security while we were off of the ship. Our locked safe was also entered. My I.D, wallet, and prescriptions were removed from our safe. When I re-boarded the ship, I was handed my belongings by security and was told they (security) went into my room and safe because they thought we were going to miss the ship. After returning to my room, I discovered I was missing $200.00 in cash from my wallet. The security staff refused to document this for me and instead, in retaliation, they searched our entire cabin, suitcases, belongings, etc. Our room was overturned, bedding was flipped, sheets, were removed, dirty clothes were dumped out, and all clean clothes were dumped and unfolded. When I say that our room was tossed, this is an understatement! It was like watching a prison show and seeing the corrections officers sweep through an inmates cell like a tornado. On a luxury cruise??! Why did they do this? They said: "To help me look for my lost $200.00!" (Again, remember, they entered my cabin and safe while we were off the ship). As our room was being overturned, many other guests were walking by peering in and my friend and I felt completely humiliated, embarrassed, irate, and violated! By the way, as my friend stood in the hallway with the main security officer-Zayas, Zayas commented to my friend that I must be bi-polar since he saw the medicine that I take when they inappropriately and illegally entered our cabin. Number one, this is a Violation of my privacy. Number 2, it's irrelevant, but I take a once daily antidepressant medication due to stress and anxiety as a result of an ongoing custody dispute. And a luxury cruise liner rubs Salt in my wounds regarding a medication I take??

*I paid a lot of money for the cruise. I even paid extra for the Unlimited Drink Package and all gratuities included. On our 6th and 7th day, they BLOCKED our drink package and we could no longer get alcoholic beverages. Again, it was my friends 30th birthday and I am 40 and they block a package that I had paid for!?

*Our cruise was from October 22 until November 4, 2016. On November 1st, we stopped in Belize. My friend and I got off the ship, had an awesome time in Old Belize, ate lunch, did a tour. We returned to the ship, had dinner, and went out to the bars with the friends we had met. I eventually went to bed around 1am or so. My friend continued to hang out with friends. He was hanging out on one of the upper deck smoking and socializing. He eventually came to the room around 4am. The next day (November 2nd), we stopped in Costa Maya (our last stop). We got up in the morning and got ready to hit the beach and jet ski. I was excited to go to Costa Maya because my 6 year old daughters name is Maya and I wanted to get her a gift from this city with the words "Costa Maya" on it. We got a knock on our cabin door at approximately 1030am. We opened the door to see 5 security staff in the hallway. I was advised by the main security officer (Zayas) that I was to pack my bags as I was being disembarked! I was shocked and dumbfounded. I did nothing. I asked what I had done to deserve this treatment. He stated, "this is from command, this is from corporate". He advised my friend that once I was disembarked, that my friend was to be confined to the cabin for the remainder of the trip! Yes, imprisoned in the cabin for the next 3 days! No tickets, no trial, no hearing, no explanation-just GUILTY and you will be imprisoned in the cabin for the next 3 days! Zayas then stated that I was being disembarked due to my friends behavior and that I was being disembarked because I had a passport and he did not. Well, my passport was lost the night our cabin was entered in our absence and I advised security staff of this. We packed our bags and advised we were ready to leave the ship. We advised them we did not have passports, but they were in a hurry, so we told them to get going and we would get to the US embassy and handle things there. We were escorted down to the gangway where we stood with our suitcases and bags as hundreds of other guests entered and exited the cruise ship to and from Costa Maya. We were forced to stand there for approximately 20 minutes and looked like fools as several guests and numerous friends stared at us, whispered, and asked us what was going on. We let them know we were being kicked off the ship and we didn't know why. About 20 minutes later, security personnel came and took our 4 bags and put them on the ex-ray machines. They said they were scanning all of our bags to "help me look for my lost passport". The ex-ray machine revealed nothing! So do you know what they did next? They brought my friend and I, and all of our bags into the main crew stairwell where they proceeded to open and search EVERY SINGLE BAG, LUGGAGE, AND SQUARE INCH OF OUR PROPERTY! They then pat us down and searched my friend and I!! They did this in the MIDDLE of the stairwell while numerous cruise staff walked in and out- cruise staff that we had become well acquainted with and had an excellent rapport with. This was so humiliating, embarrassing, and violating that I began to feel light headed and nauseous. I felt like I was going to vomit. Nothing was found and our bags were in such disarray that I had to repackage my suitcase and my special gifts that I purchased (pictures were taken by me). We were then directed to stand in the same spot in front of all passengers entering and exiting the ship! A short time later, Zayas came up to us and stated that my friend and I were to go back to our cabin and that we were now NOT being disembarked and that we were to "behave" and that we were not "allowed" to drink for the rest of the cruise! Zayas stated that this all happened because my friend is "an animal" as he pointed to my friend. He then tried the "friendly approach" and told us to go have a good time and go to one of the specialty restaurants. Wait a minute! One minute I was being kicked off the ship and my friend was to be locked in the room, NOW we could both stay and "go have a good time and enjoy the restaurants"??! Are you kidding me? I have never been so humiliated and degraded in my life! As a result, we missed the entire day seeing Costa Maya, Mexico and were embarrassed and depressed beyond belief.

*Further, we were unable to drink with our many newfound friends. We were invited to several gatherings and functions and felt like complete outcasts when our friends wanted to drink with us. We have approximately 30 separate witnesses (phone numbers included) who will vouch for us and attest to our mistreatment.

++ A few other ironic/offensive issues: we were going to be disembarked and then weren't, but the cruise line certainly didn't ban us from their casino!

++My friends cruise card was completely deactivated. He could NOT even get a juice or a soda! Then, On our last night of our cruise, we were informed by 2 crew members/bartenders that our pictures had been disseminated to all bar staff several days prior and that we were to be denied any alcoholic beverages! Again, I am appalled, disgusted, humiliated, offended, furious! We wasted 2 weeks of vacation, thousands of dollars, wasted our time, and were subjected to humility, embarrassing moments, stress, insults, and violations of our privacy and civil rights.

My name is Chad. I have many pictures, many videos, many recordings, many witnesses. I will be pursuing this on social media, with my State Senator, assemblyman, lawyers, family, etc. If anyone has any advice or if there are any lawyers willing to help, my email is:

My phone number is 585/228/0232

Please do not book on Norwegian, you will certainly regret it!

Product or Service Mentioned: Norwegian Cruise Line Cruise.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I was not treated as badly as that on Norwegian but I was treated unfairly in that they are simply against smoking on the ship and make you go to deck 13 and all the way aft to an open bar to smoke on The Pride of America. I have been a smoker for over 50 years and was not informed of the "no smoking" rule until we were underway.

We were in a stateroom and had an open deck of our own and elected to smoke out there during the cruise since the breeze would remove the smoke and not affect the cabin or any other persons. On day 3, I was given a letter from the captain that informed me that my neighbors had complained about all the smoke from our deck and I would be charged $250.00 extra to clean the room if caught smoking again. My problem and the reason we were caught was that my roommate had left our ashtray (which was a small glass with water) out on the deck and the person that cleaned the room had seen and removed it and then apparently turned us in. Day 6, I met the neighbors who were a very nice young couple from Long Island and had just got married.

I mentioned that I was sorry for having caused them any problem with the smoke they may have smelled on their deck. They both looked at each other and said they did not know what I was talking about.

I explained the problem to them about them complaining to the captain and they said "it was not us" they told me that they had not yet been on their deck until now and besides they also smoked and would not have had a problem with it. That only means that the crew did not want to "bother" to tell us the truth but rather would lie Nothing worse than a liar and/or a thief so that is it for me and Norwegian.


I have been on 26 Cruises with 17 on Norweigan Never have had a problem or issue with staff (friendliest at sea), food, ship itself, excursion or anything. I love freestyle.

Norwegian gets great sanitation scores from the CDC website. Check website called Cruise mishaps at sea. Most are Carnival and Royal Caribbean. One of the least is Norwegian.

If all this really happened to you, you provoked it. Do you and your friend have a drinking/drug problem you canT admit to? Seems you talk alot about drinking.

I see you also have thrown out the race card. Planning for a big lawsuit?


Taking anti-depressants and drinking? Can't have a good time without drinking? Chad, somehow I think Norwegian had your number.

Marina, California, United States #1244661

I agree with not book with Norwegian.....the worst waste of money ever

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