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I and my wife celebrated our one year anniversary aboard Norwegian Sky. The trip was going well until we decided to eat dinner on our second night.

We entered the restaurant and were escorted through an empty restaurant and seated next to another couple. My wife asked the hostess if we could be seated somewhere else more private as this was our anniversary and rudely the hostess snapped at her and said no. I and my wife ordered our food and then began to converse about our plans once we returned home. Approximately 10 minutes after our dinner arrived the male sitting next to us stood up and began cursing and threatening to throw me over board and to rape and then murder my wife.

It was obvious to me and my wife that he had been eavesdropping on our conversation. The restaurant staff stood around as this man verbally assaulted and threatened our lives. The ships security took well over 15 minutes to arrive and when I said that I and my wife were in fear for our lives and we wish to press charges, they simply asked us to fill out a report. This man and his female companion were allowed to leave the restaurant and roam freely throughout the ship without any course of action taken to ensure mine and my wife's safety aboard the Norwegian Sky.

We went to the guest relations desk and explained what had happened. They also said that there was nothing that they could do to ensure our safety aboard the Norwegian Sky. The next day security personnel told us that they do not have the authority or facilities to handle a situation like this. When we asked for a copy of the report we made, we were told that we were not allowed to have a copy of the report and that reports were for internal use only.

We spent the remaining 2 days in fear of our lives aboard the Norwegian Sky.

In the end we disembarked the ship without incidence but clearly because we had decided to stay in our cabin in fear of the other passenger who had verbally assaulted us and threatened our lives. Be aware when sailing on the Norwegian Sky that your safety is not a concern to this ships security personnel regardless of what their policy may state.

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You sound like a cry baby whiner. What did you want security to do?

They are not police and have no authority.

I'm sure there is more to the story.

Sacramento, California, United States #789024

Uh yeah, this kinda sounds like a load of malarky to me. A lie and not a very good one. Grow up sheesh.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #707169

Do you really expect us to believe that *** and bull story? You're just chatting away about your plans and someone out of the blue stands up and yells that they're going to rape you and throw your wife over board?


They do have jails on board but obviously this is a FAR stretch from what was probably a minor spatter because you had asked to be moved to a quiet area and someone started something. I nor does anyone else believe this story.

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