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Left on NCL Spirit on 10/9/09 out of Boston. Inside cabin on deck 10 had construction going on above and to the sides of us.

Noise was unbearable. Jack hammers were being used just above our cabin. Heavy steel pieces were dropped on the floor next door to us. I snuck into the access door to see what was going on and photographed the steel pieces.

Above our cabin was a door labeled Tivoli Pool Service Entrance. Four days without sleep and I complained each day to promises that they will check it out. Finally on afternoon of day 4, I called reception and informed them we were leaving and my wife was on the phone with her lawyer. They called back with offer to move us to outside cabin.

We took it, thinking we could just leave the next day if it was also no good. Cabin on deck 5 was quiet. No one ever got back to us with any offer to make up for 4 bad days. I went to reception and asked to have a form to adjust the automatic tip, which is $12 per person per day.

It was not fair to ask me to pay a tip for no service. To be fair, I paid the tip for the 3 days in a quiet cabin, but not the first 4 days. You should know you have the right to adjust that automatically billed tip for any reason you want, good or bad. There were good things about the cruise, but be advised that this line does construction and heavy maintenance during cruises and inside cabins are often much worse.

We heard other folks complaining about the same issue, but nothing was done for them.

I will keep posting reviews of our trip, until NCL has the courtesy to compensate me for the 4 sleepless nights. We have cruised on almost every major line in the last 25 years and never had an issue like this cruise.

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